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General Profile for burnsoft/ Joe M. and public projects and things for sale, besides his soul ( because you can’t sell what you are only renting ).

Writing software professionally since 1998, in the IT Business since 1996.

Competitive Shooter in the following disciplines:

  • USPSA - Production C Class, Carry Optics B Class, Open C Class, Single Stack C Class, PCC U Class, and Limited C Class.
  • 3 Gun - Open, Tac Optics, Tac Irons
  • IDPA - SSP - Marksman, CDP - Marksman, CO - Marksman, ESP - Marksman
  • NRA High Power - Marksmen
  • NRA F-Class - Marksman
  • NLR22 Base - Amateur
  • Steel Challenge - RFRI C Class, RFPI C Class, RFOP B Class, RFOR B Class, Open B Class, PCC B Class, Carry Optics C Class
  • PRS - Amateur

YouTube - Video’s of Matches and Reviews

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