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When we first started it was suppose to be just a software company, over time our services included: creating a custom application based on the users needs, web pages, web applications, hosting, database administration and solutions, monitoring solutions, communication solutions (LAN,WAN, WiFi, etc), Custom PC, User Support and server solutions.

In 2008, we decided to get back to our roots and stick to designing only software and drop the rest of the services that we once offered. We have a number of freeware and shareware applications available for download in our Software & Products section, so please feel free to check out the software section. If you have any questions or suggestions about our applications or services,

In 2021, I’ve decided to move everything to open source and stop charging for products. Just incase something were to happen to me, that at least those that rely on the applications I’ve provided over the year can still download and use them, and if they know a little coding, they can download the source and fix or add to it as they like. In the mean time, any of the application releases that I do perform will still be compiled and tested by me and the installer will still be signed for the final stamp of approval.